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We inform you that your past clients are in the market for a new mortgage within hours! We have the Leadership, Employees, Technology and History of satisfied customers that allowed Advantage Credit Inc. & Retain Your Client to be the premier mortgage vendor for Mortgage Client Retention solutions and technology.

We speak with hundreds of mortgage lenders annually, banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers of all sizes and specialty mortgage lending organizations. A vast majority agree that Monitoring Advantage Mortgage Retention Services is the “SECRET SAUCE” to retaining past clients & becoming a Lender for LIFE!! Businesses are built on client retention - Your business shouldn’t be a revolving door of customers. We provide you the same solutions & technology mortgage lenders use at a fraction of the cost.

“By increasing client retention just five percent, a company’s profitability can increase by an average of 75 percent.” According RJmetrics case studies.


We notify you by email that your past client is seeking a new mortgage within hours! We also send out a customized letter with your logo, POC and salutations you desire.


Once you have been notified that YOUR past client is seeking a new mortgage you contact your past client by telephone and or email to offer them a new mortgage!


Retaining your past mortgage client is as easy as A-B-C!

Retaining Your Past MORTGAGE CLIENT is easier than A-B-C! (™)

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Benefits & Value

  • Your follow-up with your previous customer is timely since you know they are interested in a new mortgage.

  • Often borrowers don't realize they can come back to you for a refinance or for their next purchase loan.

  • Remove barriers from current servicers pushing programs to your previous customer that you can provide.

  • Proactively manage costly Early Pay Offs (EPO) prior to the investor notifying you.

  • It is much less expensive for you to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one!

  • Used to retain & hire loan officers

  • Assist with Realtor Referrals for Purchase Transactions

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Are you ready to be a Lender for Life!